What we do

Before and during the treatment of a seriously ill child from Eastern Europe in a German clinic, we act as helpers for parents and children.

When the affected family travel to Germany we are ready at the airport and we also accompany them in all further steps. We help them in the search for accommodation, inform and advise them regarding every official procedure, look after the family throughout the treatment and are always ready to provide assistance as interpreters. We are round-the-clock contacts for parents, children and doctors providing treatment.

Our services at a glance

  • We mediate in all matters between donors, parents and the clinic.
  • We advise and inform affected families.
  • We support and assist the family in the journey to Germany, during their whole stay and in the journey back.
  • We assist the family as interpreters.
  • We help the family in all official matters.
  • We provide emotional support.